Take It Slow, Go With the Flow. Summer Session Begins July 16

Summer is a time for playing, rejoicing and enjoying the incredible beauty that envelops the seacoast and surrounding areas.  We are so very lucky to live where we live.  Summer gives us an opportunity to celebrate all that is lush, full and flourishing in our lives.  For many of us, it is a time to spend as many hours as we can in our gardens, on our bikes, in the water or hiking the beautiful mountains that surround us….and also… mowing the lawns and perhaps finally attacking those cleaning projects that we have been putting off.  My garage is first on my list.
Because this season is relatively short in our neck of the woods, I have tried to keep the summer Bending Oak offering short and simple….a summer school session if you will. (One can tell the child-like nature continues in me).   The Bending Oak summer session will run for 5 weeks, beginning Tuesday, July 16, with our usual  summer intention to cultivate a space of peace within ourselves.  As we cultivate this inner peace, the manifestation of an outer peace feels more authentic and maybe more easeful….as within, so we extend out.

Please see the class options and register soon so I know numbers and available space.

Lastly, consider this….pour yourself a glass of cool mint tea, find a shady spot and brainstorm concrete ways you can bring more simple pleasures into your summer days.  What makes you come alive?  Summer offers us an opportunity to “lighten up”….even on our mats.  
Peace to each and every one of you,