Shake The Dust! Spring Session Begins April 30

Bending Oak Yoga has shaken the dust …. again…in this new studio, in this new season…in this present moment.  Spring requires us to shake off what was.  Nature and people are shaking off the cold, shaking off what no longer serves (dirt or limitations) so that what is “sprouting” has room to grow.   Take a walk down the center road at Fort Foster, the road surrounded by swamp on either side, and you will definitely hear the frogs shaking the dust, the water, or something.

“There is in the body a current of energy, affection, intelligence which guides, maintains and energizes the body.  Discover that current and stay with it.  Find the spark that moves the tissues of your body and be with it”  (Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj)

The practice of yoga (mind, body and Spirit) helps to create an opening to what is already present within each and every one of us…this conduit to life itself as It is trying to uniquely express Itself as you, me and absolutely everything around us.  This practice is so much more than the practice of asana.  Asana undoubtedly has its place, especially when viewed within the broader context of breath, mindfulness, concentration, and a willingness to be present with what is.  It is the practice of it ALL.  Yoga is the practice of bending the outer to the inner.

Join me this spring to “shake the dust”, to inaugurate not only this new studio, but to awaken to the spring that is emerging in you.  The initial class roster is below and on my website…more will be coming once I fully “root”.

The Wednesday evening continuing level class will be the most physically challenging of my present offerings so that those wanting more should take advantage of selecting that class.  I, unfortunately, will not have the vast space of my former studio so please remember to register to reserve your “mat space”.  While this new studio is not as large as the studio at the Mason building there is a sweet, quiet energetic intimacy that will more than make up for the shift in square footage.

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you, and, if not now, then maybe another time down the road.  Regardless, present and former Bending Oakies, I wish you good health and abundant joy.
Be well,