Seek Inside

This is the second installment of what I call “considerations” which the rest of the world refers to as a “blog” (I think).   I am not on facebook, I do not know how to tweet and this is really not a blog, though truth be told, I do not really know what a blog is.  I am hoping to share (in my not-Blog) some words/experiences that have meaning to me on my journey.  Often a word, a quote, an experience can drop one into a deeper place; can become a spark to fire an internal recognition.  This recognition can become a thread to beckon us and peak our curiosity to go deeper. 

“Considerations” will be posted periodically but not regularly.  This feels more true to me (and easier).

A recent quote I have been considering is from Carl Jung.

“Please remember, it is what you are that heals, not what you know.”

Ultimately, it is what is inside that matters, not only to ourselves, but what we then offer out into the world.  It is a clarity just waiting to shine out.  Instead of looking for truth outside of ourselves, we are asked to clear away what is false within ourselves to reveal the inherent Truth.  This Truth heals not only how we see ourselves but how we see the world.  Instead of trying to seek outside, fix outside, turn outside….turn inward, seek inside and remove what is not true.   Challenge what you think to be true. 

We get to use what happens in the present moment as our best teacher.  We either “dance” with what is or we can choose to sit on the sidelines with how we want things to be, how we wish things to be.  Regardless of our participation, the dance of what is continues…

Every time we feel pressed or triggered can become an opportunity to tune into ourselves;  to explore the thoughts, feelings, emotions from a detached place in hopes of disengaging the “auto pilot”.  We can choose to “drop the story” and sit with the felt sensations.  We have an opportunity to watch what is happening without being “caught” by what is happening.  Starting right here can be enough and can be extremely healing.  It takes discipline…it is work.  It is work that can lead one to feel clearer, truer, more real and more content, more at peace.

Try it and see what happens…sometimes we just need to start…over and over again.

Be well.