Probe the Earth . . . Simplicity, Mindfulness, Compassion . . . Spring 2014 Session begins April 22

Hello yogis and yoginis,

Spring is gently showing herself.  Nature is beginning to wake up from its winter slumber as the birds announce and celebrate this spring’s arrival.  For many of us, there is a palpable sense of relief.  It was a long, cold winter where our days were short and our light in scarce supply … but now … the light is returning, our days grow longer, and the temperatures grow warmer.   Spring is here.
“Simplify the problem of life:  distinguish the necessary and the real.  Probe the earth to see where your main roots run.” (Thoreau)

This spring at Bending Oak Yoga, we will consider planting the seeds of simplicity, mindfulness and compassion on our mats and in our lives.  Where do our main roots run?  Has complexity run amok such that our attention feels scattered and our ability to feel compassion for ourselves and others compromised?

With mindfulness, we can choose to simplify even one aspect of how we approach our “practice” on our mats and as we move in the world.  We can then “feel” the shifts our choices create.  As we practice in this way, we may feel less need to judge.  We can consider being a bit gentler with ourselves and others.  We can soften the “ground” with the nutrients of simplicity, mindfulness and compassion as we “probe the earth” and work the soil to “distinguish the necessary and the real”.   

This journey of being human can lean toward the simple or the complex; it can be an opportunity to cultivate presence or not.  The choice has been and will continue to be our own …  we will reap what we sow.  
“Only that day dawns to which we are awake” (Thoreau)

This spring session will begin April 22nd and run for 9 weeks for a cost of $135. There will be no classes the last two weeks of May as Fran and I will be celebrating 30 years of marriage with a trip to Utah and Colorado.  Full disclosure, we will be celebrating all year long!  Registration is required to hold your space.

May you be well,