Fall Into Your Practice ……. Fall Into Your Place of Balance . . . Fall 2014 Session Begins October 7

“I hadn’t intended on being silent, back in July.  And here I am all these weeks later, hesitating, not sure how to start up again”.  (Katrina Kenison)

Those words easily could have been my own.  WE are not so different, our challenges are not so unique AND we can find comfort in the commonality WE all share … life.  Most of all though, WE can find a way to begin again, at the exact time it feels right for us …. somehow, someway. 

We each get to determine the how, the when, the where of what starting up again looks like, feels like.  We get to contemplate, consider what balance means in the midst of all the “curve balls” life can throw our way.  Sometimes the curve balls come past “the plate” and take our breath away, knock us down, necessitate a drawing into oneself.  Be gentle with yourself if you find yourself in this place….don’t push the river, instead try to find your flow within it.  Life will “crack us open” again, and again and again.

As many of you know, I became very sick in late July.   I contracted a life-threatening infection that led to toxic shock syndrome, hospitalization and a slow road to recovery.  I am happy and grateful to report that I have recovered and have been steadily regaining my strength and my courage.

If coming back to Bending Oak Yoga, coming back to your mat, coming back to your breath, coming back to your practice in the company of others, within the structure of “a bending oak yoga class” feels right and lends a balance to your life … then I will meet you there, ready to teach as best I can…..and WE will all start up again.

This fall session begins Tuesday, October 7.  It will run for 9 weeks and cost $135.  There will be no classes the weeks of 11/10 and 11/24.  The session will end on 12/18.  Please note there will be no Thursday evening class 11/6.  Instead of trying to find a sub for that class, you have a choice of deducting $15 off the session cost or coming to the Tuesday or Wednesday evening class that week.  

Lastly, three resources I would suggest you check out: 1) Katrina Kenison blog, 2) Ted talk by Ash Beckham entitled “we all have our closets”, 3) Tattoos on the Heart, by Fr. Gregory Boyle.  Each offers a compassionate perspective to consider when we find ourselves “broken open” or “think” we are alone.

May you be well,