Fall Into This Exact Moment, Just As It Is . . . Fall Session Begins September 9


It is still summer, and, it is time to announce yet another fall session at Bending Oak Yoga.  Both of these statements are true and both are happening right now.

With deep gratitude for this practice and the community of Bending Oak students, we get to come together yet again, in another fall season, to continue the practice of bringing ourselves Present.  I would like share three contemplations to consider as we move into the fall season and the wonderful lessons it has to teach us.     

The first is that the fall teaches us about balance.  The balance of light and dark, the balance of busyness versus a slower pace, and the balance of the fun loving spirit of summer as it gives way to the distinct focus of fall.  We learn that we can’t always be in the light as a way to avoid the darkness.  We learn that endless activity needs to be softened with some quiet time.  And, we learn that spontaneity needs to find its partner of more focus.

Secondly, the fall teaches us about letting go and releasing.  Trees are wonderful teachers in this regard.  Holding on can lead to many negative physical manifestations (including constipation).  This is one of the reasons why in Chinese medicine the fall is all about the large intestines and the lungs (notice the shift in the air with fall).  Grief can be a predominant emotion of fall….again this practice of learning to let go.  We get to ask ourselves “What am I holding onto and am I willing to let it go?”

Lastly, fall teaches us about impermanence.  Fall is definitely NOT summer.  If summer is all about dressing up in our loveliest of greens and colors, then fall is all about stripping it all away and moving toward our nakedness.  The change in the seasons is one of the greatest gifts we get to experience living in New England…they are so very distinct.  Each change offers such valuable and unique lessons.

Our yoga practice also teaches us about balance, letting go and impermanence…every single time we show up on our mats.  This session I will be offering the usual classes with some additions and surprises.  I am pleased to introduce Rebecca Tay who will be joining me in leading some of these offerings.  Official introductions in another announcement.  

This fall, the focus of our weekly classes will be to work with the Chakra system.  Each week we will be exploring a different chakra (thank you Kimberly). Classes will begin the week of September 9 and run for 12 weeks.  The cost for the fall session is $180.

In addition to my regular weekly classes, I will be offering a 6 session (spread over 10 weeks) yoga/book group/spiritual exploration series which will meet every other Monday from 7pm to 9pm.  The text we will be using is “The Presence Process” by Michael Brown.  I have gone through this process twice and feel it has much to offer as yet another way to help us integrate and move toward the Wholeness of who we already are.   I believe the more “tools” we have at our disposal the more versatile we will be at navigating this journey we call life. 
The Presence Process series will be limited to only 8 people and the cost will be $210.   More information on this series will be available soon.  

I will also be offering what I am calling a “Full Spectrum Restorative Class” on a monthly basis (Sundays 4pm to 6pm — 9/22, 10/20, 11/10 and 12/8).  I have heard your requests and I finally feel it is time. 

Rebecca will be offering a monthly Saturday morning “Slow Flow — Mindful Vinyasa” practice which will incorporate both alignment and movement.  Lastly, we are working out the details of Rebecca offering an intro to yoga on Monday evenings (5:30 to 6:30) starting the end of October.

Consider falling into your practice….right here, right now.
Peace and blessings to each and every one of you,