Create, Sustain and Dissolve

We create, sustain and then dissolve……
There is no easy way to say this.  I will be closing Bending Oak Yoga (the studio) on 12/31/14.  It has been 14 years of being a solo operator offering “the practice” to a very vibrant, sweet, special community of folks.  What an honor I have had and what an incredible journey it has been.  
As with everything in life … with all good things, there is a season.  The season of operating a studio needs to come to an end … for many reasons.  It is time for me to create anew.  To build on what I have done as a nurse, then as an administrator, then as a yogi / meditator /teacher to whatever is next for me.  
This “next” will come in its own time.  My job will be to empty myself as best as I can, to continue to “show up” to this present moment, and to trust.   While this closing is a surprise to ALL of you, it is something I have been contemplating and wrestling with for several months.  It was not an easy decision, and yet, I feel it is the right decision for me and for my family.  We all “fall into balance”… one way or another.
What happened this summer underscored the importance of authentically living this one special life we each have been given.  We make choices that reflect our willingness to “carve out” our lives versus trying to fit oneself into a prescribed “box” that is defined by others.   That is not who I am.  I am a carver.  I need to carve out, or more precisely, allow myself to be carved out, so that I can authentically “live into” this next stage of my life.
I am sorry if this closing is upsetting to some of you (it is for me as well).  I thought it best not to announce my intention during the session as it might have become a distraction.  I thought it best to keep it “clear” so we could all show up on our mats to practice “falling into balance”.  I feel very good about this past session.  I am inspired by the level of presence each of you brought and the community we continued to cultivate.  It is a gift to leave on such a high note.
Please remember all of the laughs, the tears, the 10,000 joys and the 10,000 sorrows we have experienced together these last 14 years.  Remember to show up to this present moment, to breathe, to lift your hearts and stand tall, to root down and hug in, to practice gratitude, to seek refuge in your Self and to always, always remember “who you really are”.  And last but not least … please remember to fold your blankets neatly and to get whatever accoutrements you might need.
A very, very deep bow of gratitude to each and every single one of you.