Create, Sustain and Dissolve

We create, sustain and then dissolve……
There is no easy way to say this.  I will be closing Bending Oak Yoga (the studio) on 12/31/14.  It has been 14 years of being a solo operator offering “the practice” to a very vibrant, sweet, special community of folks.  What an honor I have had and what an incredible journey it has been.  

Fall Into Your Practice ……. Fall Into Your Place of Balance . . . Fall 2014 Session Begins October 7

“I hadn’t intended on being silent, back in July.  And here I am all these weeks later, hesitating, not sure how to start up again”.  (Katrina Kenison)

Those words easily could have been my own.  WE are not so different, our challenges are not so unique AND we can find comfort in the commonality WE all share … life.  Most of all though, WE can find a way to begin again, at the exact time it feels right for us …. somehow, someway. 

Probe the Earth . . . Simplicity, Mindfulness, Compassion . . . Spring 2014 Session begins April 22

Hello yogis and yoginis,

Spring is gently showing herself.  Nature is beginning to wake up from its winter slumber as the birds announce and celebrate this spring’s arrival.  For many of us, there is a palpable sense of relief.  It was a long, cold winter where our days were short and our light in scarce supply … but now … the light is returning, our days grow longer, and the temperatures grow warmer.   Spring is here.


Honor the darkness . . . Cultivate the light . . . Winter session begins January 14

Hello Yogis and Yoginis,

Winter is a time to honor darkness.  One way to work with this darkness is to join with others on our mats and in our collective silence and presence.  We get the opportunity to slow down and turn inward.


Fall Into This Exact Moment, Just As It Is . . . Fall Session Begins September 9


It is still summer, and, it is time to announce yet another fall session at Bending Oak Yoga.  Both of these statements are true and both are happening right now.

Take It Slow, Go With the Flow. Summer Session Begins July 16

Summer is a time for playing, rejoicing and enjoying the incredible beauty that envelops the seacoast and surrounding areas.  We are so very lucky to live where we live.  Summer gives us an opportunity to celebrate all that is lush, full and flourishing in our lives.  For many of us, it is a time to spend as many hours as we can in our gardens, on our bikes, in the water or hiking the beautiful mountains that surround us….and also… mowing the lawns and perhaps finally attacking those cleaning projects that we have been putting off.  My garage is first on my list.

Shake The Dust! Spring Session Begins April 30

Bending Oak Yoga has shaken the dust …. again…in this new studio, in this new season…in this present moment.  Spring requires us to shake off what was.  Nature and people are shaking off the cold, shaking off what no longer serves (dirt or limitations) so that what is “sprouting” has room to grow.   Take a walk down the center road at Fort Foster, the road surrounded by swamp on either side, and you will definitely hear the frogs shaking the dust, the water, or something.

Welcoming the Breath of Fall

The breath of fall has arrived, sometimes in its fullness and, at other times, as a subtle partner to the outgoing summer breath, but make no mistake, this breath of fall has arrived.  Notice the qualities of this breath of fall…cool, crisp, light and full of its own potential.  We are asked to let go of the high tempo of summer and its forward momentum. Instead, we are asked to slow down and begin to turn inward. 

Seek Inside

This is the second installment of what I call “considerations” which the rest of the world refers to as a “blog” (I think).   I am not on facebook, I do not know how to tweet and this is really not a blog, though truth be told, I do not really know what a blog is.  I am hoping to share (in my not-Blog) some words/experiences that have meaning to me on my journey.  Often a word, a quote, an experience can drop one into a deeper place; can become a spark to fire an internal recognition.  This recognition can become a thread to beckon us and peak our curiosity to go de

Bending Oak Yoga re-opens in Kittery Foreside

I am deeply grateful for Bending Oak Yoga’s “Space for Grace” in the Kittery Foreside.  The first week of classes has completed and it was a joy to see the Bending Oak Yoga community assemble in this beautiful and breath-ful space.