Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Mentoring…Mindful Presence


We live in a complex world. We tend to live busy lives where we can feel distracted, overwhelmed and ruled by patterns that don’t really serve us. Peace and joy can seem illusive and unattainable even though peace and joy are at the very core of our being.


As a result, life’s essential questions can get lost or buried beneath all the “stuff” we pile on. We can lose the ability to access the simplicity that is always there as we are swept up in the perceived complexity of life.  We can feel we have no choice, but we do have choice. We just get lost. We forget.


To break this cycle, we need to find the ways that help us remember who we really are. We need to take time to turn inward and ask the bigger questions.


  • Who are we?

  • Why are we here?

  • What happens when we die?

  • How do we stay aligned with our greatest good, our deepest truth?

  • What happens when we STOP and turn inward?

Spiritual mentoring/direction/friendship is a process that can help one get reoriented and re-energized on our journey.  It provides both a context and concrete practices to help one to turn inward, to dive below the surface to consider/contemplate these bigger questions and/or longings. If we can find our way back to that which is true and unchanging, we can learn to cultivate mindful presence.


With empathy, compassion and wisdom we work together on this journey. The goal is not to seek something we don’t have but to uncover what has always been there.  Meditation, breath work and movement are all incorporated to enhance clear seeing and ease of well being.


Sessions typically last for an hour. The suggested fee is $60-80 per session or whatever you can truly afford.  One can choose to meet just once or on a regular basis.